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What is a hawkwatch?
Why start a hawkwatch?
How do I start a hawkwatch?
What are the rules and requirements for operating a hawkwatch?
How do I find other participants?
Why formalize my hawkwatch?
What do I do with the data?
What happens to the data?
How regularly must I count?
Where should I locate my hawkwatch monitoring site?
How do I find and train volunteers?
How important is identification expertise?
How do you define 'qualified observer'?
Is the official counter also listed as 'qualified observer'?
Does the official counter have to be on site throughout the day?
Does cloud cover include haze?
What's the best way to get weather information?
How do you manage reports from sites with multiple locations?
How do you evaluate height of flights?
Are the categories under height of flight appropriate?
How do you estimate visibility?
How do you evaluate a professional, volunteer, or official counter?