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Please provide the following information (if available):

Are you a Team Leader? (A team is a group of 2-6 people traveling and doing Raptorthon together) If you are the leader of a team that will be sponsored as a group for a group count, please complete the following:

Teams or Groups raising at least $75 net to HMANA are eligible to sponsor a Watch Site’s pages on HawkCount. If your Team or other Group wants to take advantage of this opportunity, please go to Hawkcount.org to learn more.

Enter the name the Watch Site whose pages you want to sponsor with your Raptorthon proceeds.

To ensure that your Hawk Watch or another conservation organization of your choice, will receive a share of your proceeds, please complete the following:

If you do not check this box and leave the next section blank, all of your proceeds will go to HMANA to support HawkCount.org and the Raptor Population Index. HMANA’s proceeds above the standard 50% will be allocated to our new HawkWatchFund to support hawk watching throughout North and Central America. Moreover, to help get the Fund started, a member of the HMANA Board has generously offered to match every HawkWatchFund dollar you raise.

Thanks for your support!

Raptorthon is a fund-raising and public outreach project of the Hawk Migration Association of North America supporting HawkCount.org, the on-line hawk migration information system and data archive,
The Raptor Population Index, and a continental network of Hawk Watch Sites.