2020 Raptorthon Summary

March – May 2020


The 2020 Raptorthon season was a very different one this spring season. While teams made elaborate plans with groups of students, friends and colleagues far and wide, most were forced to scale back and conduct their events solo, often from their yards or safely from a hawk watch if they were able to. Even with social distancing in place, though, Raptorthon teams from across the country managed to get out to celebrate spring migration, count lots of birds and raise funds for their local sites and HMANA programs. Thanks to all the creative last-minute planning and to networks of donors, Raptorthon teams raised an impressive $11,507!

We would like to extend a big thank you to all the dedicated participants who took part this year, as well as praise for all Raptorthon donors and supporters. Together, you are helping sustain so many important watch sites and maintain HMANA’s goals of promoting the conservation of raptors.

Here’s a look at how these funds were distributed.

  • $4,326 was distributed to participating watch sites.
  • $5,386 was allocated for HMANA programs.
  • $1,795 was designated for HMANA’s Hawk Watch Fund, which makes annual grants possible for monitoring sites.

A full Raptorthon summary with team accounts will be available in the upcoming fall 2020 issue of Hawk Migration Studies journal. Read it and become inspired to join us for Raptorthon 2021!

Teams included:

  • Vic Laubach and the Rockfish Gap Hawk Watch, VA
  • Dr. Wargo and the Eaglets at Allegheny Front, PA
  • Rich Conroy and the Militia Hill Hawk Watch, PA
  • Julie Brown and the Brown Thrashers, NH
  • Josh Haas and the Merlin Clan, MI
  • The Pisgah Peregrines, NC
  • Frank Nicoletti and the Hawk Ridge Spring Counters, MN
  • And our featured Raptorthoner, Ridgetop Rachel and the Wing Watchers at Hawk Mt, PA.

We’re looking forward to our third Raptorthon in 2021!

Vicky Burke

Pisgah Peregrines