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Celebrate 50 years with HMANA in Duluth, Nov 7-10 2024

The Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is Honored to host HMANA’s 50th Celebration!

World Class Migration Along Lake Superior

Hawk Ridge is one of the best places in the world to view the fall migration with the picturesque backdrop of Lake Superior, the wonderful gathering of visitors, and beautiful nature reserve. What once was known as a place for hunting birds for target practice has been transformed to an Important Bird Area for conservation of raptors and other birds.

Reflecting on Hawk Ridge’s History

In 1951, Dr. Pershing “Jack” Hofslund, professor and ornithologist at the University of Minnesota Duluth, initiated the first informal raptor counts. As the magnitude of the migration became apparent, observation increased from a few days in mid-September to daily counts from mid-August through November. In 1972, the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve was created through funds raised by the Duluth Audubon Society, along with a loan from the Minnesota Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and donated to the City of Duluth to acquire the land. 1972 also marked the first year of the systematic raptor count and the opening of the raptor banding research station at Hawk Ridge. A naturalist program followed in 1974 to educate visitors about birds and the migration. The Duluth Audubon Society established a Friends of Hawk Ridge group in 1979 to support the research and education conducted on the Ridge. In 2004, Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and as the new management entity for Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, under a trust agreement with the City of Duluth.

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory Mission

The mission of Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory (HRBO) is to promote conservation of raptors and other birds in the Western Lake Superior Region through research, education, and stewardship. Today, HRBO continues the 50+ years of long-term monitoring research through the fall bird migration counts and bird banding efforts at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, the first designated Important Bird Area in Minnesota. An average of 60,000+ raptors (16-20 species) and 200,000+ other birds are counted each fall, as well as over 20,000 raptors counted each spring at the West Skyline Hawk Count. Annual fall banding averages include approximately 3,000 raptors (hawks & owls) and 1,200 passerines. HRBO educates people of all ages about birds through formal and informal programs, field trips, events, and outreach. Over 40,000 visitors from around the world enjoy the migration with us each fall! HRBO continues to serve as stewards and manage the nature reserve for bird conservation and nature enjoyment for generations to come.

We welcome and invite you to visit and celebrate the magnificent migration with us at Hawk Ridge! More information can be found at hawkridge.org

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