Conference Recap

HMANA Conference 2018

Soaring Toward the Future: New Challenges in Raptor Migration

October 12-14, 2018, Detroit, MI

About the Conference

Kate Davis, author and founder of the nonprofit Raptors of the Rockies, was our opening keynote speaker.  She talked about her 30 years as a raptor educator at schools throughout the west.  Todd Katzner, research biologist, was our Saturday evening keynote speaker. He talked about his research with eastern Golden Eagles and how little was known about their migration ecology.

Field trips to the Detroit River Hawkwatch and Holiday Beach Bird Observatory (Ontario) rounded out the weekend.


HMANA’s Mission

Since 1974 HMANA has promoted and studied migratory patterns and behavior of diurnal birds of prey.  HMANA has set the standard for recording species data; created, a robust raptor monitoring database, and partnered in analyzing count data to interpret raptor population trends with the Raptor Population Index (RPI).  Now our network of over 200 hawkwatches across North America is more timely than ever before as field birders, research scientists, banders and the hawkwatching public face serious challenges to our work from urbanization, climate and migratory changes and lack of nature awareness.

Field Trips

Field trips are planned to the Detroit River Hawkwatch, Holiday Beach Bird Observatory (Ontario), Marshlands Museum, Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge visitor’s center, and more!


Join our featured presenters as they share their experiences with our attendees.

Organizational Updates

Visit displays in our expo area and see what other organizations are doing. Meet up with friends from other hawkwatches and share ideas.

Featured Talks & Speakers

HMANA was excited to offer an impressive list of keynote, featured, and program presenters.

Kate Davis

Raptors of the Rockies


Todd Katzner

U.S. Geological Survey
Boise, Idaho

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