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HMANA is finalizing the full list of speakers and presenters for the conference.  If you’d like to present please see our Call for Papers page and submit your ideas today!

Kate Davis

Raptors of the Rockies

Kate, who hails from Montana, will speak on “30 Years in Raptor Education” for the conference’s opening on Friday evening, October 12. She founded Raptors of the Rockies==her nonprofit educational organization, in Montana in 1988. Kate, who keeps 14 non-releasable and falconry birds at a facility at her home, has given more than 1670 programs to more than 131,000 people during those 30 years.  Her innovative and interactive multimedia approach to raptor education and resource conservation has won hearts and minds across the Rocky Mountain west and beyond. Kate is also past chair of the Education Committee for the Raptor Research Foundation (RRF) and chair of the Conference Committee for several recent RRF annual conferences.

Kate has also written and illustrated five books on raptors. Her Raptors of the West: Captured in Photographs, with Rob Palmer, won the National Outdoor Book award and Montana Book Award Grand Prize (2011). Her Falcons of North America is a superb introduction to our falcons. Bill Clark, well known field-guide author, wrote that this book is “a must for anyone who loves falcons and photos of them and wants to learn more about them.” This book was followed by the similarly well-written, superbly illustrated American Kestrel: Pint-sized Predator (2014) with outstanding photos by Kate and Rob Palmer, and then by Bald Eagle Nest: A Story of Survival in Photos. Her most recent book is Birds are People Too; Humor in the Avian World,” which shares her sense of humor along with insights into all birds.

To learn more about Kate, visit raptorsoftherockies.org where you can view her 8-min video talk on Communication in the Dark, starring Jillian the Great Horned Owl, and learn more about Raptors of the Rockies.

Kate received a degree in Zoology from the University of Montana in 1982.

Todd Katzner

U.S. Geological Survey

Todd Katzner will speak at the Saturday evening banquet on October 13, 2018, about “The Migration Ecology of Eastern North America’s Least Known Large Predator–The Golden Eagle.” Todd’s keynote will reveal how little the eastern Golden Eagle was known or understood both conventionally and scientifically. For those who attended the 2010 HMANA Conference in Duluth, we learned something rather surprising about Golden Eagles in Minnesota—how little we actually knew. Todd’s research, including telemetry, helps us better understand the eastern Golden Eagle and its migration ecology, including new insights into the relationship between Golden Eagle migration behavior and the potential threats of wind turbines.

Todd is a research wildlife biologist at the Snake River Field Station of the U.S. Geological Survey in Boise, Idaho, with more than 25 years’ experience in the fields of ecology and conservation biology. His recent work focuses on understanding and mitigating threats from renewable energy to soaring birds of prey throughout North America. Todd also has an international research program focusing on raptors in central Asia – particularly on the ecology and conservation of eagles in the Republic of Kazakhstan; has more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications; and is a co-editor and author of the book The Eagle Watchers. He is also a co-founder of the innovative wildlife telemetry company Cellular Tracking Technologies, LLC. (Of interest to anyone into truly long-distance migratory raptors, his research also includes the Red-footed Falcon!)

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The Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA) is a membership-based organization committed to the conservation of raptors through the scientific study, enjoyment, and appreciation of raptor migration.