As HMANA approaches its 40th anniversary, we continue to coordinate our programs of spring, fall and winter monitoring, HawkCount, RPI, wind energy oversight, Birdhawk listserv, two websites, Hawk Migration Studies, blog, Facebook and e-news almost entirely through the dedicated volunteer efforts of the board of directors, unpaid or minimally paid assistants and our member field observers. These programs and the potential to expand our efforts are all in jeopardy without substantial new funding.

There is Good News!

We have been offered a $15,000/year, three-year, one-to-one matching grant by an anonymous donor.  The Board has determined that the best use of this money is to hire a paid, full-time executive director who will manage our critical programs – HawkCount and RPI – and coordinate the search for grants and expand and professionalize the many efforts that will continue to be primarily handled by volunteers. But we must raise the matching funds and more before we can proceed.

HMANA has accomplished a great deal in its 40-year, mostly all-volunteer history.  With professional management and guidance, we can enhance our traditional core programs, such as HawkCount and RPI, and branch out into more diverse educational and conservation activities.

We must ensure that the HawkCount database remains viable to serve hawkwatchers, for use by the Raptor Population Index Monitoring Program, and available to conservationists and researchers in perpetuity.  We need to generate frequent regional, science-based raptor status and trend assessments and disseminate them widely to wildlife managers, policy makers, and the public.

As your voice of concern for raptors, HMANA should have greater influence on wildlife management policies and be more prominently represented at hearings and scientific gatherings. But there is no way that we can achieve these objectives without a full-time, professional raptor advocate and program director.

Honor HMANA on the 40th Anniversary of our founding with a donation towards this matching grant.

Any amount will help, but we will need more than $30,000 per year to initiate the hiring of an Executive Director.  Please consider making tax-deductible personal pledges of $500, $250, $100 or whatever you can afford, renewable for each of the next three years.  Larger donations will enable us to move forward sooner.  Your generous donation can make all the difference to insure that HMANA fulfills its long-term vision.

Make an online donation for 2013, or download a pledge form and mail in with a check to HMANA’s Counting for Raptor Conservation Campaign, c/o Julie Brown, 151 Antrim Road, Hancock, NH 03449.