From Rich Conroy, HMANA Development Committee Chair

Peregrine Falcon - by Emily Ford

Peregrine Falcon – by Emily Ford

Happy Spring! I hope this update finds you well and enjoying the spring migration season and all of the anticipation this time of year can bring.

I wanted to provide an update on HMANA’s Counting for Raptor Conservation campaign. We are nearing the end of our second year of fundraising and I am delighted to announce that our second year totals have exceeded those of the initial year! HMANA is also pleased to announce that 50 NEW DONORS joined the ranks of the 100+ supporters from year one!

The effort so far has brought us close to our second year goal of $45,000. We still have some work to do during May if we are to meet and exceed this important goal.

Will you help us by making a donation today?

As we approach the third and final year of this effort I can’t help but look ahead to the time when we will be announcing our new executive director and letting you know about our new  home office location at the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. The HMANA Board continues to work towards making both become a reality.

However, this can only happen if we reach our stated yearly and overall fundraising goals. Currently we are within $7600 of our second year goal………we will continue to reach out to HMANA friends and raptor enthusiasts like you for support as well as to increase the number of new donors supporting this effort.  With your help I am ever hopeful that we can reach our goal!