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Dr. Wargo and The Eaglets Team – Raptorthon 2021

April 11

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Date: 4/11 (back-up/rain date: 4/18)

For the past four springs, the Freedom Area High School and Middle School participated in Raptorthon, a joint effort between the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA), the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch, and the Freedom Area High School Naturalist Club.

Raptorthon usually culminates with a trip to the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch with the students and teachers. Unfortunately, the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch has been closed to the public due to coronavirus and only official counters are allowed on the property.

In lieu of this, The Freedom Area High School Naturalist Club is meeting at the edge of the high school property each Monday at the end of the school day to scour the skies for hawks. Because it is outside and there is always wind, our Freedom Area Hawk Watch is safe for our participants. (Note: Masks are mandatory on campus!)

Our official Raptorthon will happen the second Saturday in April at the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch. It will be a solitary effort, but our hope is to have students next year.



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