Lunch & Learn Series: Targeting the Threats to Non-Target Raptors

American Bird Conservancy’s Pesticides and Birds Campaign is dedicated to reducing threats to birds from toxic pesticides and lead, particularly from rodenticides and ammunition. Policy may not seem like the most exciting area, but new studies from scientists, new emphasis from the EPA, and bold statements from the US Fish and Wildlife Service promise to […]

Lunch & Learn Series: RaptorQuest: Chasing America’s Raptors

Scott Harris spent 16 months, chasing 55 Raptors across 34 states—his version of a Raptor Big Year. Scott is going to share about his adventures, misadventures, successes and failures. From -36 degree days, to ones over 100 degrees, to just getting on the bird in time, to the frustrations of missing one by minutes. It’s […]


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