Rockfish Gap – Raptorthon 2021

Click HERE to support this Raptorthon! Team name: Rockfish Gap Hawk Watchers Date May 10 (May 16 back up) On May 10 our Rockfish Gap Hawk Watchers team will conduct our 9th annual Raptorthon! Our team of 5 this year (Vic Laubach, Penny Warren, Rich Wood, Ezra Staengl, and Baxter Beamer) will venture out to […]

Lunch & Learn Series: 45 Years and 6 Degrees of Hawkwatching

HMANA continues its monthly virtual Lunch & Learn series with a trip down hawkwatching memory lane. Clay Taylor has been hawkwatching for more than 45 years and joins us to share tales of wings and glory, hawkwatch site establishment, and making birding friends across the continent along the way. Join us Wed., May 19, at […]

Out of the Nest – Raptorthon 2021

Click HERE to support this Raptorthon! Team name: Out of the Nest Date: May 21 HMANA’s Director, Jane Ferreyra, and Treasurer Amy Wright, both newbies in the realm of Raptorthon, get out of the nest and head to Tawas, MI, on the shore of Lake Huron, to have some fun and spot some hawks. Please […]

Hawks on the Wing – Josh Haas 2021 Raptorthon

Click HERE to support this Raptorthon! Team Name: Hawks on the Wing – Josh Haas 2021 Raptorthon Date: May 29, 2021 Summary: I am once again both raising money for a good cause and going green riding my bike for conservation.  I will be counting birds and going for a sizeable list in my home […]

Veracruz Mexico – River of Raptors Tour

Book your trip now! Join HMANA for the hawk-watching experience of a lifetime! Our tour is planned during the peak of fall migration when daily counts may number over 200,000 raptors, including Broad-winged and Swainson's Hawks. Each fall season, an average of four and a half million hawks of nearly 30 species, including greater than two million Broad-winged […]

$2900 – $3000

Spain Strait of Gibraltar Raptor Migration Tour

Book your trip here! In order to register you will need to input the HMANA referral code: bootedeagle. The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the best spring raptor-watching destinations in the Old World. Impressive numbers of raptors crossing the Strait, returning from Africa onto Europe to breed, need to overcome the nine-mile long water […]