Lunch & Learn Series: Tracking Red-shouldered Hawks

Join us for another in the series of Lunch & Learns where we welcome John Jacobs to share about his Red-shouldered Hawk telemetry research. John and his brother, Eugene Jacobs are attempting to determine the breeding range, nest site fidelity, breeding habitat use, migration timing and routes, wintering areas and wintering habitat used by Red-shouldered […]

International Hawk Migration Week

Join watch sites throughout North America during International Hawk Migration Week (IHMW) to enjoy the annual spectacle of fall raptor migration and help raise awareness of hawks, hawk migration, and the HMANA network of sites that make Hawkcount an invaluable resource.  This particular week in mid to late September was chosen due to the sheer […]

A Call to Protect: The Threat of Illegal Hunting to Migrating Raptors in Colombia

Join us for another in our Lunch & Learn series as we welcome back Esther Viviana Vallejo Santamaria who will present the most recent information about the threat of illegal hunting that still persists to migrating raptors in Colombia. These birds play a vital role in our ecosystems, and yet, their very existence is jeopardized […]

Lead Impacts on Wildlife: What it is and how to talk about it

Rarely does an ecological problem arise with a clear, tangible, and positive solution. Over the past 20 years, a growing body of evidence has clearly identified both a significant, ubiquitous conservation issue and the solution to that issue. While lead poisoning in wildlife has been identified since the 1890’s, the issue continues to persist with […]

Turkey Vultures: Fascinating scavengers and nature’s clean up crew

Join us for HMANA's January Lunch & Learn on Wednesday Jan 24 at 12pm when we welcome back raptor expert, Bill Clark to speak about Vultures! This is a virtual event on Zoom. Open and free to all but registration is required. The Turkey Vulture is a New World Vulture that occurs widely in the […]

April Lunch & Learn: Tracking Montana’s Osprey

Join us for our April Lunch & Learn Virtual Presentation Series where we'll be welcoming Rob Domenech, executive director of Raptor View Research Institute, discussing Tracking Montana’s Osprey. This presentation will include a brief history of the Montana Osprey Project, when it started and why, blood heavy metals analysis (i.e., Mercury levels) in Osprey sampled […]

May Lunch & Learn: Shining a Light on Nighthawk Conservation

Join us for our May Lunch & Learn presentation. We'll be joined by Canadian ecologist, Elly Knight who will be shining a light on nighthawk conservation! The ground-nesting Common Nighthawk is one of North America's most widely distributed bird species and yet it remains one of the least understood, thanks in part to its nocturnal […]


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