Denver Field Ornithologists: Raptor Identification with Nature’s Educators

Raptor Identification with Nature’s Educators This in-person event features live falcons, hawks, and eagles from Nature’s Educators, an acclaimed Colorado wildlife outreach organization. The event will take place in the Lois Webster Amphitheater at Denver Audubon’s Kingery Nature Center, 11280 Waterton Road, Littleton. Participants will learn how to identify eight raptor species found along Colorado’s […]

Denver Field Ornithologists: Hawks in Flight ID Skills (virtual program)

Dave Hill, chair of DFO’s Hawk Watch Committee will present on field marks to look for when observing raptors in migration. This free session is for birders of all ages. Participants will learn to identify locally seen hawk species in flight using shape, plumage, and flight styles that distinguish each from the others. You must […]

Denver Field Ornithologists: Field Trip to Dinosaur Ridge Hawk Watch, CO

Join DFO seasoned hawk watchers at the site where DFO conducts its spring migration birds-of-prey count with the support of partners Denver Audubon, Colorado Field Ornithologists, Jefferson County Open Space and Hawk Watch Migration Association of North America. Register for this or other programs  

Snowy Owls; Nomads of the Arctic

This presentation will review recent results from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary's research program. The audience will witness how they manage to monitor these highly mobile and unpredictable predatory birds throughout consecutive years via a slide show depicting field work situations. JF Therrien  grew up in Sherbrooke, Canada, about 30 minutes from the border with Vermont. He […]

Raptor Migration Worldwide by Bill Clark

More than half of the World’s species of diurnal raptors perform annual migrations, especially those populations in higher northern and southern latitudes. However, the entire population migrates in only a few species. Beginning with North America, Bill Clark will show photographs of and discuss some of the locations on five continents where people regularly gather […]

Lunch & Learn Series: Targeting the Threats to Non-Target Raptors

American Bird Conservancy’s Pesticides and Birds Campaign is dedicated to reducing threats to birds from toxic pesticides and lead, particularly from rodenticides and ammunition. Policy may not seem like the most exciting area, but new studies from scientists, new emphasis from the EPA, and bold statements from the US Fish and Wildlife Service promise to […]

Lunch & Learn Series: RaptorQuest: Chasing America’s Raptors

Scott Harris spent 16 months, chasing 55 Raptors across 34 states—his version of a Raptor Big Year. Scott is going to share about his adventures, misadventures, successes and failures. From -36 degree days, to ones over 100 degrees, to just getting on the bird in time, to the frustrations of missing one by minutes. It’s […]


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