June Lunch & Learn – Tracking Broad-winged Hawks

In 2014 Hawk Mountain Sanctuary launched a full annual cycle study of the Broad-winged Hawk. Almost a decade later, Sanctuary biologists are continuing to uncover the mysteries of this long-distance […]

July Lunch & Learn – The Enigmatic Hook-billed Kite

The Hook-billed Kite (Chondrohierax uncinatus) is a highly specialized, snail eating Neotropical raptor with a wide distribution that has received little research attention despite local declines occurring. It was once […]

Tracking Red-shouldered Hawks with John Jacobs

John and Eugene Jacobs are attempting to determine the breeding range, nest site fidelity, breeding habitat use, migration timing and routes, wintering areas and wintering habitat used by Red-shouldered Hawks […]

International Hawk Migration Week

Join watch sites throughout North America during International Hawk Migration Week (IHMW) to enjoy the annual spectacle of fall raptor migration and help raise awareness of hawks, hawk migration, and […]


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