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Executive Director Job Description

HMANA’s Mission:  To advance scientific knowledge and promote conservation of raptor populations through study and appreciation of raptor migration.

Position Title: Executive Director

Location:         Trenton, Michigan


The executive director of the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA) is a full time, professional position whose primary responsibility is to direct the operation and growth of the organization.  The executive director has primary responsibility for fundraising, communications and program development.  The executive director is accountable to the board of directors and is responsible to:

  • Implement and promote organization’s mission and vision;
  • Facilitate the work of staff, volunteers and leadership; and
  • Operate the organization in fiscally sound manner and within the board-approved budget.
  • Help the organization grow its programs and support.
  • Oversee activities of monitoring site coordinator and database manager.


  1. Fundraising (40%):
  • Develop, coordinate and meet annual fundraising goals to ensure the health and growth of the organization, with the active participation of the board and staff.
  • In collaboration with the Development Committee of the Board of Directors, identify, write and track funding proposals to foundations, corporations and government agencies.
  • Team up with the Development Committee, Executive and Finance Committee and board members to create and maintain a major donor program, leading efforts in approaching, cultivating and soliciting major donors.
  • Broaden funding for general operations including member support.
  1. Program Development (30%):
  • Develop and implement innovative programs and activities consistent with the organizational mission, goals and objectives.
  • Further enhance existing HMANA programs as needed, including the HawkCount, Raptor Population Index, Winter Raptor Survey, Raptorthon, sponsorships, Hawkwatch Fund Award and HMANA tours.
  • Work to optimize geographic coverage of the migration monitoring site network, encourage maintaining and improving quality, integrity, availability and completeness of hawk migration count data and the monitoring site database in
  • Actively promote the use and application of migration count data to enhance scientific understanding of hawk migration and in support of raptor protection through science-based conservation and education programs.
  • Participate in and strengthen collaborations with partners in the Raptor Population Index to produce timely and regularly updated information on the status of North America’s raptors
  • Keep abreast of major conservation and environmental issues, especially those affecting raptor migration.
  1. Communications and Outreach (15%):
  • Take leadership role in the organization’s public relations, including media contact, as well as communications with donor/members and the general public.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with raptor monitoring sites and coordinators to broaden HMANA’s reach within that community and the larger hawkwatching population .
  • Enhance HMANA’s services to members, monitoring sites and the hawkwatching community through new and improved communications channels and direct contacts that attract more participants to hawk watching and raptor conservation.
  • Work with board on the production of newsletters, other published materials, website content, special events and the annual meeting.
  • Provide content and articles for Hawk Migration Studies.
  • Serve as key liaison with members, the conservation community, public officials and related constituencies.
  1. Administration and Financial Management (10%):
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations.
  • Work with the Executive and Finance Com. and board of directors to develop and implement a balanced annual budget.
  • Develop operations planning and annual reporting instruments, including plans, budgets and annual programmatic reports to treasurer, board of directors and membership.
  • Support board, staff, and hawkwatch site development
  • In consultation with HMANA Board of Directors and Executive and Finance Committee, hire, support and supervise staff as needed, including regular review of their work.
  1. Strengthen HMANA’s appeal and influence (5%)
  • Enthusiastically represent the full breadth of HMANA’s mission and work to the general and hawkwatching public.
  • Represent and enhance HMANA’s data within the raptor science community
  • Enhance and sustain programs to serve HMANA’s membership and independent monitoring sites by engaging the enthusiasm and talents of volunteers
  • Attend and participate in HMANA board meetings and events.
  • Actively work to better integrate, coordinate and collaborate among all of HMANA’s programs, committees, board members and staff.
  • Assist with planning and coordinating HMANA tours, conferences and other activities as developed
  • Maintain and further develop good relationships with all the partners at the DetroitRiver headquarters

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • The executive director is supervised by the HMANA Board of Directors Executive Committee.
  • The executive director is responsible for supervising HMANA employees including Monitoring Site Coordinator and others that may support tasks assigned to the executive director.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with one or more years experience in conservation or environmental non-profit management. Experience and interest in hawk-watching, raptor biology, science and/or raptor education preferred. Candidates should have strong people skills, along with writing, fund-raising and an enthusiasm for natural world. Must pass federal background check.

How to Apply: Send CV, contact details for three references and cover letter to

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