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Raptorthon_LOGOCarolyn Hoffman

Carolyn Hoffman is the new Chair of HMANA’s board of directors and the long-time editor of HMANA’s journal, Hawk Migration Studies. She started hawkwatching at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in the early 1980’s because she wanted to see a Bald Eagle, which at the time were very uncommon because of the lingering effects of DDT.  Carolyn visited Hawk Mountain several times before she saw her first Bald Eagle, an adult bird very high overhead.  By the time that first eagle soared past, she’d already seen a Peregrine Falcon, which were extremely rare in the east at the time, lots of Broad-winged Hawks, Northern Harriers, Sharp-shinned Hawks and others. She was already hooked.

An author, editor and writer by trade, Carolyn now does most of her hawkwatching at Waggoner’s Gap near Carlisle PA, which is closer to her cabin than historic Hawk Mountain.  “Often, I also hawkwatch on Roundtop Mountain, where I live, as I spend at lot of time–too much time, really—in front of a computer.  Hawkwatching within feet of my front door lets me make the most of my too-few hawkwatching hours by eliminating the drive to get to a watch site. So far, the only eastern raptor species I haven’t seen there are Golden Eagle, Northern Goshawk and Peregrine Falcon.”

In the summer, Carolyn works with children in the outdoors, introducing them to the fun of nature and helping them learn how to identify whatever they see. “These kids will one day become the stewards of this earth,” she says. “And I want to do whatever I can to help assure that the tough choices they will need to make are informed by both knowledge and a love of the outdoors.”

Carolyn will be holding her Raptorthon from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during HMANA’s upcoming 40th anniversary conference at Braddock Bay New York, weather permitting.  She will also count any raptors she sees on the drive north to the conference. She is seeking sponsors to raise funds for HMANA’s continent-wide monitoring program and to help make possible some of the exciting new projects HMANA wants to initiate in 2014.

“Join me on the tower at Braddock Bay for some great hawkwatching and help support  HMANA at the same time,” she says. “We’ll have lots of fun.”

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