Spring migration is here and what better way to celebrate than taking part in HMANA’s 8th season of Raptorthon!

The purpose of Raptorthon is to have fun seeing as many raptors as possible within a 24-hour period and to raise money to support HMANA’s and hawkwatchers’ work for raptors and hawkwatching throughout the Americas.  Like Birdathon, Raptorthon is a sponsored Bird Count, but is focused on raptors. It is aimed at getting the maximum count of raptor species, and optionally you can count all other bird species as well.  This is also a great way to raise the profile of hawk watching, your hawkwatch site, and the HMANA network, the world’s largest migration monitoring network.

Moreover, it is an easy way to raise money for a good cause – HMANA, hawk watching, and raptor conservation.  Experienced Raptorthoners say that their friends and family are more than willing to sponsor their 24-hour raptor binge and look forward to a repeat performance each year.  With this individual approach you can help to promote the importance of raptor conservation.

Simply choose one day to count between March 1 and May 31, register with HMANA, find sponsors to pledge support for your Raptorthon, go out and find as many species as possible, collect your pledges and report your results.  HMANA will allocate your proceeds according to your wishes and publish results in its Hawk Migration Studies journal.

You can allocate 50% of your proceeds to your home watch site (or any other watch site) and the other 50% will go to support HMANA programs.  One such program is HawkCount.org , a free HMANA service that is an essential part of hawk watching for most hawk watchers and watch sites, and is available to all hawk watchers, HMANA members and non-members alike.  You may alternately choose to assign all of the watch site  portion of your Raptorthon proceeds to HMANA’s Hawk Watch Fund which supports hawkwatching programs throughout the HMANA network OR you may assign half to another conservation organization and half to the Hawk Watch Fund.

Learn more about how to take part in Raptorthon, become a sponsor, or donate directly by visiting our Raptorthon page.