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Current HMANA Bylaws

Proposed Bylaw Changes – September 2018

The HMANA Board of Directors is updating our bylaws. To do this, we need to notify the membership at least 30 days in advance of a vote on the changes we are proposing. We are planning to vote on these changes at our public board meeting during the HMANA conference in Detroit on Friday, October 12, 2018. The majority of the changes  are minor, though the last one listed is of moderate  importance. The updated bylaws and a document that specifies each change in detail can be found on this page.


To briefly summarize the proposed changes, we have:

  1. Added email as a contact method to members. Previously, only postal mail was specified.
  2. Added a phrase about doing business in Michigan
  3. Resolved a conflict in the number of days for notifying members about bylaws changes (One spot said 14 days, the other 30. Both are now 30)
  4. Updated some committee names
  5. Removed reference to a HMANA seal, which had to do with receiving and filing documents that are now stored in the cloud.
  6. Added a brief section about staff duties
  7. Added details about when to remove a director who does not attend meetings.  Missing three meetings without an excuse (such as field work or medical issues) assumes the person is no longer interested and may be removed from the board. This is a fairly typical statement in non-profit organizations, where the board of directors is active and performs considerable work for the organization.

To HMANA members who will not be at our Detroit conference, you may weigh in on the changes by email to Julie Brown at or Jane Ferreyra at

Thank you for your continued support of raptors and HMANA’s work.

Carolyn Hoffman

Chair, Board of Directors