HMANA Committees

Conference/Awards:, Rosemary Brady, Julie Brown, Carolyn Hoffman, Paul Roberts, Brian Wargo

Climate: Will Weber (Chair), Rosemary Brady, Laurie Goodrich, Carolyn Hoffman, Paul Roberts, Ryan Steiner, Andrew Sturgess, Brian Wargo

Data: Brian Wargo (Chair), David Brandes, Julie Brown, Laurie Goodrich, Vic Laubach, Rob Spaul, Jason Sodergren

Development: Rich Conroy (Chair), Vic Berardi, Kevin Arnold, Julie Brown, Steve Hoffman, Amy Wright

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA): Rob Spaul, Julie Brown, Rich Conroy, Kevin Arnold

Education and Conservation: Brian Wargo (Chair), Kevin Arnold, Gil Randell, Peg Rooney

Endowment: Amy Wright (Chair), Rich Conroy, Paul Roberts, David McNicholas

Executive and Finance: Rich Conroy (Chair), Josh Haas, Amy Wright

Hawk Watch Fund Award: Iain MacLeod (Chair), David Barber, Julie Brown, Carolyn Hoffman, Vic Laubach, David McNicholas, Gil Randell, Will Weber, Rich Conroy

Marketing: Josh Haas (Chair), Vic Berardi, Julie Brown, Carolyn Hoffman, Rob Spaul

Nominating:  Gil Randell, Jason Sodergren

Raptor Population Index: Laurie Goodrich (Chair), Dave Brandes, Julie Brown, Danielle Ethier, Denis Lepage, Dave Oleyar, Jason Sodergren

Research Award: Iain MacLeod (Chair), Julie Brown, Rich Conroy, Carolyn Hoffman, Vic Laubach, Will Weber, David Barber

Strategic Planning: Rich Conroy (Chair), Carolyn Hoffman, Paul Roberts, Brian Wargo

Tours: Phil Brown (Chair), Julie Brown, Laurie Goodrich, Will Weber, Josh Haas

Winter Raptor Survey: Vic Berardi (Chair), Julie Brown, Jason Sodergren, Andrew Sturgess, Janice Sweet, Paul Sweet, Jerry Toll, Steve Walter, Bracken Brown

Anyone interested in serving on a HMANA Committee is welcome and should contact Julie Brown for further details.

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