HMANA invites you to join in celebrating the annual spectacle of fall raptor migration!

See the list of sites participating in this year’s International Hawk Migration Week.  It’s not too late to sign up and get YOUR site added to the list!

To see a tally of the number of raptors being counted and sites submitting data this week, go to

The purpose of this first annual International Hawk Migration Week (IHMW) is to raise awareness of hawks, hawk migration and the HMANA network of sites that count hawks.

Each year hundreds of thousands of hawks, eagles and vultures make their journey from Canada and the United States to wintering areas as far south as South America. Dedicated counters at hawk watch sites begin documenting this movement as early as 1 August and man their sites daily into December.  Wherever you are during that time – you just need to look up and chances are good you may see a migrating raptor. HMANA’s 116 active fall sites may count as many as 33 raptor species during this week!

WHEN?  IHMW will take place September 20-28, 2014. This is the week when peak numbers of raptors are counted across North America.

COME HAWK WATCH WITH US!  All watchsites and raptor enthusiasts from across North America and beyond are encouraged to participate. Simply join your local watchsite. To find the nearest hawk count site to you, go to for directions and contact information.


The goal of highlighting this week is to bring hawk watching into the spotlight and celebrate raptor migration so you can choose to participate in a number of ways. It’s up to you!

1. Submit Your Daily Data to HawkCount during this week. This should include standarddata on number/species of raptors counted, number of visitors, weather etc.

2. Participate in the “IHMW Big Day”. Modeled after a Raptorthon, teams and individual hawk watchers gather sponsors for a day of hawk watching from a chosen hawk watch site. After the event, pledges are collected and 50% goes to HMANA programs while 50% goes to the watchsite.  See links to registration and forms below.

3. Help us Reach More Hawkwatchers! Hold a HMANA Membership Drive at Your Watchsite. Set up a table or display sometime during the week in efforts to recruit new members to HMANA. HMANA will provide membership brochures. Recruit at least 5 new members and get a HawkCount sponsorship for your site!

4. Host a Hawkwatching Festival. Everyone loves festivals and there are lots of ways you can celebrate migration.  You could sell t-shirts to support your site, have a volunteer available to answer questions about your site or give raptor ID instruction, offer banding station tours or work with a local wildlife rehab or education center to have a live raptor presentation.

5. Hold an Identification Workshop. Late September is the perfect time to offer a raptor ID workshop and connect people with the excitement of migration. An indoor slideshow or onsite program could be a great way to engage the public. Contact HMANA for ideas.

6. Choose to Sponsor a Watchsite on HawkCount. You can choose to support HMANA’s data archive to celebrate IHMW! If you sponsor a site during the week of September 20-28, your name will appear with IHMW designation and you will receive a special gift (while supplies last). This sponsorship would expire September, 2015 like normal sponsorships.

7. Create an IHMW banner for your site. This is a great way to draw people to your hawkwatch site during the week. “Come celebrate HMANA’s International Hawk Migration Week with us at xxx Hawk Watch! September 20-28th.” Be sure to send us a photo of your banner!

WHY IHMW?  HMANA’s mission is to advance scientific knowledge and promote conservation of raptor populations through the study, enjoyment, and appreciation of raptor migration.

HMANA oversees the online database,, an archive of count data with a wealth of information for birdwatchers and general public alike including maps and directions to sites, average counts, population status and timing.  IHMW is a fun way to bring hawk watchers together from across the continent and share in the joy of raptor migration.

Following the week of September 20-28, we will release a report with the overall number of species and raptors counted which will show the extent of the migration occurring during that time!

Share Your Plans With Us!

Please register and let us know how you’re choosing to celebrate. Contact Julie Brown at We’d like to list participating sites and how you plan to celebrate migration on our website.

We will be promoting this event widely in the hawk watching and conservation community. If you’d like to help us get the word out, please see the press release and flyer links below.

IHMW Press Release

IHMW Flyer

Register for the IHMW Big Day!

Pledge Coupon – Big Day

Sponsor List – Big Day

Q & A – Big Day