Josh Haas

Tour Guide

Josh Haas first developed a love for hawks working with the birds of prey at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. A hawk-watching trip to Lake Erie Metropark opened his eyes to hawks in migration. He would end up spending seven Fall seasons working with the Detroit River Hawkwatch where he developed a love for teaching visitors not only how to tell the shadowy specs apart but also some of the best ways to capture the essence of migrating raptors through flight photography.

From then to now he has spent more than 14 years honing his hawk ID and flight photography skills with a passion for sharing that knowledge with others. Whitefish Pt. is his favorite place for hawk photography and videography and much of his imagery and footage from there can be found on his recently released hawk ID video guide, Hawks on the Wing.

His work can be seen on-line at, in several birding apps along with publications across Michigan.