Lunch & Learn Series: Raptor Quest, Chasing America’s Raptors

HMANA Lunch & Learn Series: Raptor Quest, Chasing America’s Raptors

Wednesday, May 24 at 12:00 pm EST

Scott Harris joined HMANA for our May 2023 Lunch & Learn. He spent 16 months, chasing 55 Raptors across 34 states—his version of a Raptor Big Year. Scott shared about his adventures, misadventures, successes and failures. From -36 degree days, to ones over 100 degrees, to just getting on the bird in time, to the frustrations of missing one by minutes. It was about the birds—of course—but it was also about the people he met, the things he learned and why he’s already working on his next adventure.
Scott Harris and his wife Randi retired to South Carolina in March of 2020. It was also when he first started birding – a hobby he never imagined himself participating in, but now can’t imagine living without. They sold their long-time home and business, Mustang Marketing, a marketing/branding company they had owned for 35 years. They are blessed that both their children and their grandson are also in South Carolina. His book, RaptorQuest: Chasing America’s Raptors, is the story of his year-long adventure tracking down every species of Raptor in the Lower 48 states.



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