Lunch & Learn Series: The Mystery of the Weeping Eagle

HMANA Lunch & Learn Series: The Mystery of the Weeping Eagle

Wednesday, May 25 at 12:00 pm EST

May’s Lunch & Learn in 2022 featured Diego Gallego Garcia, with a presentation about the Chaco Eagle in Argentina.

In the vast and forgotten arid areas of central Argentina, the endangered Chaco Eagle (Buteogallus coronatus) languishes in an atmosphere of oblivion. With an estimation of less than 1,000 individuals in the wild, its declining populations are mainly threatened by human activity, including habitat transformation and direct persecution. In La Pampa province, the Center for the Study and Conservation of Birds of Prey in Argentina (CECARA) has studied this species for more than 20 years. This talk described the biology of this species, addressed the main threats that it faces and explained the different activities that are carried out to favor its conservation.
Diego is a biologist from Bilbao, Spain and currently a Ph.D. student at the Argentinian Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), studying the movement and dispersal ecology of the juveniles of this endangered raptor.
Please enjoy the recording of this program.




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