Lunch & Learn Series: What Hawk Migration Data Tells Us

HMANA Lunch & Learn Series: Hearing Nature Speak, What the Data Tells Us About Hawk Migration Data

Wednesday, April 27 at 12:00 pm EST

April’s Lunch & Learn in 2022 featured Dr. Brian Wargo, HMANA Board Member, with a presentation about the data in HawkCount. HawkCount houses the millions of raptor observations that have been recorded from the network of hawk sites scattered across North America. In the spring and in the fall, raptors make an incredible journey, usually without fanfare. But if we look, the numbers will tell us their stories.

Collecting and analyzing data is not what most people consider fun or interesting. Thankfully, there are individuals that are willing to do this kind of work. Brian M. Wargo, Chair of the Data Committee for HMANA, is one of them. In this presentation, the techniques and tricks for making sense of migration data will be revealed. In addition, trends for various species will be discussed. Brian M. Wargo is a hawkwatcher, a physicist, and an educator. He is also the Eastern Flyway Editor for Hawk Migration Studies, which is responsible for more than half of the working hawk sites reporting data. He is also the Saturday counter at the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch.

Please enjoy the recording of this program.




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