The Brown Thrashers

Raptorthon Date: May 13, 2023

For our Raptorthon this year, the Browns are heading back to one of our favorite birding destinations, Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge. It also happens to be International Migratory Bird Day! What a perfect way to celebrate migratory birds by spending the day birding and raising funds for raptor conservation.

There is no better place to celebrate bird conservation. Pondicherry, north of the White Mountains, has the highest breeding bird diversity of any single location in New Hampshire, which is no surprise given the habitat diversity spread out over 6,000 acres; black spruce bogs, wetland, marsh, and pond, northern hardwood/boreal forest, and fields. Please support our team with a donation. 100% of funds raised will support raptor monitoring programs at HMANA.

Team Leader: Julie Brown


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