The Brown Thrashers

Raptorthon Date: April 23, 2023

The Brown Thrashers are excited to be conducting their 15th Raptorthon this spring! All our past Raptorthons have brought us throughout the northeastern US but this year we’re heading to the rainforest! On Tuesday, April 23, we’ll be birding in Costa Rica at the Ecovida Aetos Hawk Watch located in the Lapa Verde Wildlife Reserve in Chilamate, Sarapiquí. This new hawkwatch started in 2022 and is now a fall-only count site. The Brown Thrashers will be meeting with site coordinators, spending the day exploring the reserve and counting all bird species we can find!

Half of our Raptorthon funds raised will go to support the Ecovida Hawk Watch in Costa Rica, and the other half will go toward funding HMANA programs like our Hawk Watch Fund program which provides annual grants for watch sites and connecting youth to the magic of migration through our Junior Hawk Watcher Program. Thanks for your support!

Team Leader: Julie Brown


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