The Pisgah Peregrines

Raptorthon Date: April 3, 2024 (Back-up Date: April 7, 2024)

This year, the Pisgah Peregrines team will consist of  Vicky Burke (Site Coordinator) and Amy Jackson.  We will explore Western North Carolina for Raptors and Songbirds, with a possible detour into some South Carolina farmlands. We’ll do this on April 3 (with a rain date of April 7). This will be a great time for our area as many of the over-wintering Raptors will not quite have left, Northward bound, and a good handful of Raptors South of us will have started to arrive for the new Spring season.  American Kestrel and especially Northern Harrier are our winter Raptor highlights; Osprey and Broad-winged Hawk will have recently arrived back to Henderson and surrounding Counties. We hope to observe the 10 local Raptor possibilities along with numerous Songbird species.

Please contribute to our Raptorthon and help us support HMANA and their mission. We hope to see as many folks as we can up at Mt. Pisgah Hawkwatch again for the Fall 2024 season!

Team Leader: Vicky Burke


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