Raptor Road Trips to the Northeast!

Fall is by far the busiest time of year when you work for a raptor migration organization. Despite the ever-present pull to go out and watch hawks, there is always a never-ending list of things to be done from behind a computer. This fall, site coordinator Julie Brown is making time to go out and visit sites in New England and chat with the counters and coordinators. She’s been emailing and talking with my phone for years! During her visits, she’s been lucky to hit some great migration days, but she also had some quiet ones.

Regardless of birds migrating, what she’s enjoyed is speaking to counters about our ongoing HMANA programs and what we hope to do in the future. She’s also asking how HMANA can strengthen the connection with hawk watchers and, specifically, what other resources we can provide to sites. Raptor Road Trips are such a great way to get a taste of each unique site and meet the faces at each location, as well as a chance to gather some valuable feedback and learn how we can better serve the hawk-watching community.

Watch for a complete summary of fall road trip adventures in HMANA’s Spring 2020 journal.



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