Hawk Migration Association of North America

Tour 2017
Panama Raptor Migration Spectacular

A Wrap Up from HMANA’s Panama Raptor Migration Spectacular

October 18th – November 4th, 2017


Join HMANA for the week of a lifetime, witnessing the magic and majesty of Hawk Migration through Panama. Based at the world-renowned Canopy Tower, our tour will take in visits to both their hawk watch (Semaphore Hill) and the world-famous Ancon Hill. We will visit at the very peak of movement and flights made up of multiple thousands of Broad-winged Hawks, Swainson’s Hawks, and Turkey Vultures. On November 2, 2014, over 2 million raptors passed the Ancon Hill site in just one day, and the river of passing raptors was so dense they were forced to close down the International Airport in Panama City!

As well as the astonishing passage of migrant raptors, there will be incredible local hawks to enjoy with up to 40 species of hawks, eagles, falcons, kites, and vultures. These including King Vulture, Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Tiny Hawk, Black Hawk-Eagle, and if we win the birding lottery, possibly even Harpy Eagle. The potential list goes on and on and on.

As well as spending time at the two hawk watches, there will be much more to enjoy including birding that will garner us a host of incredible and bejeweled neotropical bird species: hummingbirds, motmots, toucans, tanagers, parrots, and a whole host more. This easy-paced trip is a must for those that revel in the magic of hawk migration. The entire tour will be based at the stylish and comfortable Canopy Tower, and their excellent and knowledgeable guides and hawk counters will be at our service for the length of this tour.

Participant numbers are limited to fourteen to ensure a quality experience for everyone.

Tour Leaders:

  • Luke Tiller, HMANA Tour Guide
  • Canopy Tower Expert Guides and Hawkwatchers TBD

Cost includes:

Airfare is not included.

Tour begins and ends in Panama City, Panama.

Please read HMANA’s Tour Refund Policy before making your payment.

This tour is currently FULL. To be put on a waiting list for 2017, or to receive information about a 2018 tour, contact Julie Brown.


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