Rich Conroy - Militia Hill

9th Raptorthon for Militia Hill!

April 17, 2021

I am always happy to spend a spring weekend looking for migrating raptors during their journey north and also to raise funds for two very worthwhile groups – the Militia Hill Hawkwatch (MHHW) and the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA).

For Militia Hill this event has been a great annual fundraiser. It helps us continue to keep the bird feeders at the park full for all the birds and for park visitor’s viewing enjoyment throughout the year. MHHW also produces educational handouts of various kinds throughout the year, including bird and butterfly lists for our state park, maintains membership in the Pennsylvania Ornithological Society (POS) and HMANA, and makes available raptor related information guides to share with the public during our watch season.

50% of the funds raised go to HMANA programs – but I’d like to specifically mention the support your donations provide for the Hawk Watch Fund (HWF). The HWF offers support to the hawk watching community in the form of grants to member hawk watch sites for educational materials, construction and maintenance of viewing platforms and hiring of counters, etc.

Thanks again for your support!

Rich Conroy

Militia Hill Hawkwatch Coordinator

Chair of HMANA board and Development committee



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