Hawk Migration Association of North America

GREAT Great Lakes Hawkwatch

In partnership with the Toronto Ornithological Club, the Ontario Field Ornithologists, the Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch, Holiday Beach Migration Observatory, Hawk Cliff Hawk Watch, Hawkwatch International, and Birds Canada, HMANA is supporting and recruiting participants for a two-day dispersed hawk watch event that unifies the hawk watch and expert birding communities.

Called the GREAT Great Lakes Hawkwatch, they aim to organize and support community scientists conducting standardized raptor migration counts outside of traditionally monitored hawk watch sites while raising a collective voice for raptor conservation. The project’s overarching goal is to create an inclusive annual raptor migration count across a network of undescribed sites to describe raptor movements quantitatively.

Additional project goals are to 1) more formally describe “smaller” raptor migration corridors in comparison to long-term monitoring sites, 2) improve knowledge of species-specific movement corridors, 3) improve understanding of raptor migration under varied weather conditions, 4) create an annual community-science project, to mobilize and educate the public about raptor migration, and 5) invite a more diverse community into hawk watch data collection efforts, improving the inclusivity of hawk watching.

Join Rob while he describes the current plan for the 2021 pilot project in Ontario and sees how you can help expand the effort across the Great Lakes region.

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For more information, contact HMANA board member Rob Spaul at spaul.robert@gmail.com

Also learn more by watching a previous Lunch & Learn below featuring Rob Spaul talking about this program.