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Hawk watch count data may be entered online at, HMANA’s hawk watch count database. Hourly and/or daily count totals can be entered online via the web site or submitted as .xls spreadsheets.

If your watchsite is already active at, consult your watchsite or project leader for access.

To establish new site access, please submit the New Account Request at

HMANA Count Reviewers

The HMANA Data Committee and Board  have chosen reviewers that scrutinize data entry in an effort to reduce errors and encourage documentation of rare species observations. Prior to the shift to digital data entry, HawkCount paper forms were previously reviewed for accuracy. The reviewers listed below by state, province, or region have kindly volunteered to serve in this capacity. Contact Brian Wargo (, Chair of the HMANA Data Committee with any questions.


Reviewer Count Area(s)
Zach Smith California, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Brunswick, Quebec
Paul Roberts Connecticut, Massachusetts
Andy Mason, Tom Salo New York
Laurie Goodrich, Holly Merker Pennsylvania
Brian Wargo, David Brown North Atlantic Coast: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia
Brian Wargo Franklin Mountain in New York
Tom Reed, Jesse Amesbury New Jersey
Vic Laubach Virginia (Kiptopeke), North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama
John Barker Southwest, Central, and Eastern Ontario
Markus Mika, Steve Kolbe Arkansas, Manitoba, Michigan, Minnesota, Western Ontario, Wisconsin
Neil Paprocki Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming
Paul Fritz Alaska
Alan Fish Washington
Kashmir Wolf Roque Florida, Texas, Mexico, Belize, Panama