The Brown Thrashers

Raptorthon is our spring tradition! For the past 12 years, my husband Phil and I and our two children have been conducting Raptorthons around our state of NH, along the Connecticut River in VT, down in Cape Cod, MA and along a road trip to MD. It’s a great way to celebrate spring migration and raise money for something that is very important to us – raptor migration and conservation.

After many years of Raptorthon-ing inland, we are heading to the coast! We will spend our Raptorthon at Plum Island, MA which is a beautiful barrier Island, a-buzz with seabird, shorebird, songbird and raptor migrants in mid-April. Bird diversity should be pretty high as birds make their way up the coast so we’re hoping for lots of fun warblers, ducks etc.

We will spend the bulk of our day at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge hoping for species like Short-eared Owl or a late Snowy Owl. We will be sure to stop by the Plum Island Hawk Watch in hopes for some migrating Northern Harriers and American Kestrels.

We also will be sure to spend time exploring the sand dunes, tidepools and crashing waves which will be the highlight for our 6 and 8 year olds. Fingers crossed for good weather as we strive to reach our goal of seeing/hearing as many bird species we can find!

Please support the Brown Thrashers with a Raptorthon donation. All funds support raptor conservation programs at HMANA like our citizen science database,, our Junior Hawkwatcher Program and our Hawk Watch Fund (annual grants for watch sites).



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