On Nov 18th, HMANA offered the six in the virtual lunch & learn series featuring “Winter Raptor Survey” with Vic Berardi.  For those that weren’t able to join us live, please enjoy the recording of the session below.  Also see the list of informative links below that were mentioned in the presentation.  In December, we’re excited to bring Dr. Laurie Goodrich on December 9th at 12pm EST who will provide a program on Broad-winged Hawk Migration.

HMANA WRS Page: https://www.hmana.org/winter-raptor-survey/

Northern Red-tailed Hawk – Liguori & Sullivan: https://northernredtails.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/rth_aabieticiola_north_american_birds_march_2014.pdf

Canada Atlas of Bird Banding – Volume 3: Raptors & Waterbirds: http://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2011/ec/CW69-20-2-3-2009-eng.pdf

The Red-tailed Hawk Project: https://redtailedhawkproject.org/

Bernheim Forest Golden Eagle Research: https://bernheim.org/category/research/golden-eagle/

WRS Article by Nora Hanke: https://www.hmana.org/winter-raptor-survey-grows-and-datasets-getting-larger/

Influence of Latitude on the Winter Abundance of Red-tailed Hawks & American Kestrels in Illinois: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/273713669_Influence_of_Latitude_on_the_Winter_Abundance_of_Red-tailed_Hawks_Buteo_jamaicensis_and_American_Kestrels_Falco_sparverius_in_Illinois

Papers by Keith Bildstein: http://www.globalraptors.org/grin/ResearcherResults.asp?lresID=279