Dr. Wargo & The Eaglets

Raptorthon Date: April 27, 2024

For the past six springs, the Freedom Area High School and Middle School has participated in Raptorthon, a joint effort between the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA), the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch, and the Freedom Area High School’s Naturalist Club. Raptorthon culminates with a trip to the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch with the students and teachers from Freedom Area School District. In addition, Freedom Area Hawk Watch provides some basic training for our young hawkwatchers. However, going to the legendary Allegheny Front Hawk Watch is one that the Naturalist Club members look forward to each year.

All donations are split between the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch and HMANA. These funds helped to procure a HMANA grant to install a weather station at the Freedom Area Hawk Watch.


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