Riley & The Mile High Raptors

Riley & The Mile High Raptors

Raptorthon Date: April 15, 2023 (Back-up Date: April 16, 2023)

We’re baaaaaack! This is the second Raptorthon for Riley and the Mile High Raptors. We will be counting raptors and other bird species on and around the Dinosaur Ridge Hawk Watch site, administered by Denver Field Ornithologists(DFO). Last year’s Raptorthon set a high bar for raptor species diversity: fourteen out of the seventeen species observed at this site were counted and a new record for American Kestrels was set. In 2023 we will expand our habitat to include the front range Bear Creek drainage which is visible from the Hawk Watch viewing platform. Our Raptorthon date is set to coincide with peak raptor migration but with our expanded count circle we hope to spot some early songbird migrants, shorebirds, ducks, and perhaps an owl or two.

The Raptorthon team this year includes DFO President Susan Blansett, DFO Hawk Watch Committee co-chairs David Hill and Janet Peters, Hawk Watch Committee Member and Project Lead Carol Cwiklinski, full time counter Emma Riley and part time observer Aarohi Barman.

Your donations will support HMANA and the Dinosaur Ridge Hawk Watch, valuable organizations contributing to education, raptor conservation, and public engagement in the wonder of raptor migration.

Team Leader: Janet Peters

Team Members: Susan Blansett, Carol Cwiklinski, Emma Riley, David Hill, Aarohi Barman


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