Rockfish Gap Hawk Watchers

Team leader Vic Laubach

Team name: Rockfish Gap Hawk Watchers

Date May 10 (May 16 back up)

On May 10 our Rockfish Gap Hawk Watchers team will conduct our 9th annual Raptorthon! Our team of 5 this year (Vic Laubach, Penny Warren, Rich Wood, Ezra Staengl, and Baxter Beamer) will venture out to spend the day in Highland County, Virginia. Highland County is quite beautiful and probably has more sheep than people! We did our 2018 Raptorthon here and had a blast: ending with 122 species including 7 raptor species! We’ll try to break our record this year! We plan to be up before sunrise looking for Whip-por-wills and owls before spending the day covering as much of the county as possible. We’ll likely be out until sunset! Wish us luck!

We hope you can sponsor our team with a donation of any size! Half of the funds we raise will support HMANA programs including Hawk Watch Fund grants and half will return to support our local hawk watch (Rockfish Gap Hawk Watch) in Waynesboro, VA. We are an all-volunteer hawk watch that has been counting migrating fall raptors since 1976! We depend on donations like yours to help keep our hawk watch up-and-running year-after-year.

Thanks for your support!

The Rockfish Gap Hawk Watchers





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