Lunch & Learn Series: Tracking Broad-winged Hawks

HMANA Lunch & Learn Series: Tracking Broad-winged Hawks

Wednesday, June 21 at 12:00 pm EST

We were joined by Rebecca McCabe for our June 2023 HMANA Lunch & Learn. In 2014 Hawk Mountain Sanctuary launched a full annual cycle study of the Broad-winged Hawk. Almost a decade later, Sanctuary biologists are continuing to uncover the mysteries of this long-distance migrant. Rebecca McCabe provided an update on the project with a focus on movement data from telemetry-tracked broad-winged hawks.
Rebecca received her B.S. in Environmental Biology at Millersville University (2013), and then earned her M.S. in Biology at East Stroudsburg University (2016) studying the nesting behavior of broad-winged hawks in Pennsylvania. In December 2021, Rebecca defended her Ph.D. research at McGill University studying snowy owl ecology and survival rate in winter, which research suggests is a critical time in this species’ life. Rebecca joined the staff full time at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in May 2021, serving as one of the Sanctuary’s biologists.

She also assists with other various aspects of conservation science, including the trainee program, advising undergraduate and graduate students and science-education outreach. She continues researching broad-winged hawks and snowy owls and is involved in the Sanctuary’s long-term American kestrel project.



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