Lunch & Learn Series: Raptor ID Facebook Group Roundtable

HMANA Lunch & Learn Series: Raptor ID Facebook Group Roundtable

Wednesday, November 16 at 12:00 pm EST

November’s Lunch & Learn featured the admins from the Facebook Raptor ID Group which started in 2015 and has grown to over 20,000 members in the years since inception. The online community, endorsed by HMANA and Hawkwatch International, has identified thousands of raptors from all over North America. The group’s volunteer Admin team strives to create an inclusive and interactive raptor identification resource for learners of all levels. During this Lunch and Learn session, the team shared insights into what they’ve learned about teaching raptor identification and some of their favorite posts, tips and tricks for raptor IDs.
Rich Bacher (Buffalo, NY) is a Guide and Naturalist (Tifft Nature Preserve, Allegany Nature Pilgrimage, Buffalo Audubon), Volunteer Counter at the Hamburg (NY) Hawkwatch site, Raptor Educator with Skyhunters USA, Raptor Banding Assistant (Cape May, NJ), Licensed Falconer and a Photographer.
Bonnie Cleaver (Fort Collins, CO) is the Education Avian Coordinator/Curator at Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. She was a RMRP Volunteer in Raptor Education, Raptor Rehabilitation Associate and Specimen Prep Technician (2003-2017) and a Denver Zoo Volunteer (2003-2008). She is a Graphic Designer and an Artist.

Lindsey Dunham (Clearwater, FL) is a Clearwater Audubon Society Volunteer and Board Member (2012-2020), Guide and Naturalist (Clearwater Audubon), Zookeeper [raptors] (2014-2020), Licensed Falconer (2018-present) and a Photographer.
Brian Rusnica (Cambridge, MA) is President and Board Member of Eastern Mass Hawk Watch, Volunteer Counter at the Mt. Watatic (MA) and Plum Island (MA) Hawkwatch sites, Board Member of NorthEast Hawk Watch, Workshop Leader and Presenter (Mass Audubon, Mount Auburn Cemetery), a Graphic Designer and a Photographer.
Cathy Sheeter (Aurora, CO) serves on the Colorado State Rare Bird Committee (2021-present), was a Volunteer Counter at the State Line (NJ) Hawkwatch (2015-2018) and was a Guest Author on Jerry Liguori’s personal blog. She is a Guide and Naturalist (Boulder Audubon), Master Scratchboard Artist (ISSA) and a Photographer.


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