Lunch & Learn Series: Twenty Years of Species Recovery

HMANA’s Lunch & Learn Series – Twenty Years of Species Recovery: The California Condor

Wednesday, March 23 at 12:00 pm EST

March’s Lunch & Learn in 2022 featured Chris Parish from the Peregrine Fund with a presentation about the California Condor species recovery program. The near extinction of North America’s largest flying land-bird and attempts to recover the California condor is known to many, but the details of the why and how are less known. The trials and tribulations of human history in endangered species management offer landscape-scale insights in an ever-changing arena of conservation. Should we succeed in recovering this species, it will stand as a testament of our abilities to observe, study, and respond accordingly to better manage preventable impacts to ecosystems and the species within. Lead poisoning remains the single greatest threat to recovery and implications for other less studied species is equally important. Science alone does not make conservation. How we proceed will be have as much to do with success as the foundations of science we depend upon to detangle these complex issues.

Chris has served as a leader within The Peregrine Fund for many years and he embodies all of the qualities that make The Peregrine Fund one of the leading wildlife conservation organizations worldwide.
Please enjoy the recording of this program.




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