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2019 Raptorthon Summary


JUNE, 2019


What a Raptorthon season we had! This was a particularly special year for us because it was our 10th anniversary. We set a goal of raising $10,000 for raptor conservation and appreciation and we’re happy to report that we smashed that goal, bringing in more than we ever have, with $12,860.00! Thank you to all the Raptorthoners that participated and to everyone who supported the eight teams this year!

Teams included:

  • Vic Laubach and the Rockfish Gap Hawk Watch, VA
  • Dr. Wargo and the Eaglets at Allegheny Front, PA
  • Rich Conroy and the Militia Hill Hawk Watch, PA
  • Julie Brown and the Brown Thrashers, NH
  • Josh Haas and the Merlin Clan, MI
  • The Pisgah Peregrines, NC
  • Frank Nicoletti and the Hawk Ridge Spring Counters, MN
  • And our featured Raptorthoner, Ridgetop Rachel and the Wing Watchers at Hawk Mt, PA.

Our partnership makes a big impact on so many local watch sites in HMANA’s network!

Every year Raptorthon participants choose how they want their funds distributed. They can either donate 50% to their local watch site and 50% to HMANA programs, 75% to HMANA and 25% to a conservation nonprofit, or 100% to HMANA. This year $5,590.00 was distributed to participating watch sites, $5,452.00 was allocated for HMANA programs like and Hawk Migration Studies journal, and $1,818.00 will go toward HMANA’s Hawk Watch Fund, which allows us to provide annual grants to watch sites for education and research efforts.

A full Raptorthon summary with team accounts will be available in the fall issue of Hawk Migration Studies journal. Read it and become inspired to join us for Raptorthon 2020!